Brian Larkin Solicitor

Road Traffic

Road traffic accidents are very common and can cause long term injuries. We have assisted people receive the legal compensation they are entitles to after the unfortunate event of a road traffic accident.

Brian Larkin Solicitor caters for any road traffic related accidents in an intimate and delicate manner. We have a dependable reputation for representing clients in the District Court and on appeal. We offer legal intelligence in catering for all aspects of road traffic law and wrongdoings. Brian Larkin Solicitor strives to defend motoring trials and lessen the harshness of fines and driving bans.

In the event that you have been suspected of drink / drug driving, Brian Larkin Solicitor appreciate that this can be a stressful experience. We will be there to support and counsel you of your legal rights and protect your welfares. Brian Larkin Solicitor offers professional representation and guidance regarding:

  • Driving Penalty Points

  • Drink / Drug Driving

  • Careless / Dangerous Driving

  • Driving With No Tax / Insurance

  • Driving With No Driving Licence

  • Unsafe Driving Resulting In Death / Injury