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Criminal Law

In a situation where one interacts with the Gardaí in situations that may result in a criminal charge or an appearance in Court, prompt legal assistance is vital.

For instances relating to trivial Road Traffic accidents, Public Order or Misuse of Drugs violations, the enduring consequences of the matter could be stern. Basically, the more severe the accusation, the more imperative the need for legal assistance.

Brian Larkin Solicitor are knowledgeable in all facets of criminal law and have a steady success rate when it comes to defending our clients and guaranteeing the best results.

Brian Larkin Solicitor are on-hand 24/7 for emergency call out, for meetings and for legal advice. We are available on short notice to attend Garda Stations to counsel individuals held for questioning.

We will swiftly measure the gravity of the situation, assist the customer in planning a scheme to deal with the issue and if required, mediate with Gardaí.

If you wish to profit from our wealth of experience and knowledge in the criminal justice system please contact us to organise a consultation.

criminal law
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